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1¡­businessman¡¯s 18-years-old son..(2004429225)
2. This news made all people shock and be a main story.. ..(2004429225)
3. ¡­.was never goes somewhere.. ..(2004429225)
4. ..they notify to the police..(2004429225)
5. Police was promised that they will tried to..(2004429225)
6. a phone call by the kidnappers..(2004429225)
7. they went the place..(2004429225)
8. Without waste any time..(2004429225)
9. ..lodged a police report about the telephone called¡­(2004429191)
10. they are too buzy with their work until their son lack of their care¡­(2004429191)
11. He parents dicided he was kidnapped after he did not returned home¡­(2004428673)
12. After 24 hours their son missing¡­(2004428673)
13. ..everybody either police or his family were waiting¡­(2004428673)
14. ¡­because they working with dedicated to safe their son¡­(2004428627)
15. The kidnappers threaten the businessman to killed his son¡­(2004428508)
16¡­tocaught the kidnappers¡­(2004428508)
17. they was told.. ¡­(2004428721)
18¡­.to gave¡­(2004428721)      and gungary.. ¡­(2004428721)
19. ten policeman¡­(2004428721)
20. This insiden¡­¡­  will killed¡­..give explaination¡­(2004429662)
21. ..their son not went home¡­(2004429662)
22. ¡­he goes back by his driver¡­(2004429931)
23. His parents very shocked¡­(2004429931)
24. When the ime of schools has been finished¡­(2003123018)
25.	The driver with the boy¡¯s father together with the school staff 
trying to find the boy¡­¡­but still cannot found him¡­(2003123018)
26.	..they already try to asking¡­¡­(2003123018)
27.	His parents has been worried to inform the police about the calling¡­(2003123018)
28.	They were appreciate for the police commitment 
  for safe their son¡­(2003123018)[THE LAST SENTENCE]
29.	Azhar going on holiday¡­¡­  He going with¡­.(2004644352)
30.	¡­rest their body and so on¡­.(2004644352)
31.	¡­his parents direct call the police informed that¡­¡­.(2004644352)
32.	¡­and in jailed the place so suitable with them¡­.(2004644352)
33.	..and asked a money about one million ringgit..(2004429886)
34.	They was two men was watching Kamal..(2004429026)
35.	But Kamal still no there¡­.(2004429026)
36.	..their son missing because someone was kidnap Kmal¡­.(2004429026)